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Connecting your digital ecosystem.

Marketers are beginning to understand today’s consumers have their own values. In fact, values are now a major part of how consumers measure brand equity and they’re willing to publicly support brands that are in line with the image they want to represent. The story behind the brand is becoming as important as the brand. FMD provides all the strategic and creative solutions to drive your brand story to a growing customer base.


Take control of your brand.

A cohesive brand across your assets, products and marketing campaigns will provide a unified structure to drive scalable growth. In order to create an innovative brand, you will require a brand identity that tells your story and creates a vibrant identity that consumers and partners can immediately identify.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
-Jeff Bezos, Amazon


Establishing an online presence will allow your business to engage with its customers all around the world, but doing so effectively requires a website that reflects its unique business identity. Avoid prepackaged designs and opt for a unique design that not only looks great but meshes perfectly with your long-term vision.

FMD builds websites that:

  • Integrates layout, logos, and custom graphics seamlessly into a single digital platform
  • Is easy to customize and maintain without sacrificing quality
  • Looks great regardless of whether visitors view it on a computer, tablet, or mobile device

Your business needs an online platform to engage with visitors and persuade them to do business with your brand. However, you won’t be able to accomplish these goals if your website blends in with all the other bland business sites your visitors are accustomed to navigating away from.

Fusion Marketing and Design is amazing! They completely rebranded my business, do my SEO, plus built a great website for me! Can’t say enough good things about FMD!

Eric Ramey, The Blind Guide, Blinds-Shades-Shutters & More

FMD does outstanding work. They is very professional, intelligent and caring. FMD knows the industry and how to help you achieve your business goals. They will get your business results! I highly recommend Fusion Marketing and Design.

Brent Rardon , Ohio Strong Supplements

Hire this company! FMD’s blend of marketing knowledge and intuitive people skills completely took my company’s marketing out of the doldrums and into the stars. They dug down deep to discover what my business was all about and then ran with it. As my business continues to evolve, FMD stays on top of my marketing needs with up to the minute, on-trend know how. Fusion Marketing is “get your business on the map” at it’s finest!

Cheri (Mohr) Drake Smith, Sisters Staging Home Staging

More Expertise

FMD’S unique talent is helping small businesses grow by assisting them in navigating the complicated and confusing world of digital marketing.

Our Small Business Digital Marketing Toolkit Consists of the following areas of expertise.


Print Design Services

Logo Design

Web Design

Engagement & Influencer Marketing

Facebook Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Linkedin Advertising

SEO & Online Marketing

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

PPC Advertising


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